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  • Scholastic Book Wizard


Scholastic’s Book Wizard lets you search for books based on your child’s DRA level or lexile level.  Students enrolled in the READ 180 program have a lexile level.  All other students’ reading level is reported in terms of their DRA level.

This search tool is one I use very often.  It includes mass market paperbacks, not just the leveled “teacher books” we use with our reading groups. 



  • The Lexile Framework for Reading

This site is AWESOME for finding books at your child’s level.  Click on the “Find a Book” link at the top left corner of their home page.  If you know your child’s lexile level, you can simply enter the number, and it will take you to a page where you can check boxes next to only the genres/subjects your child is interested.  For example, you can search for books about sports, travel, biographies, or humor that are around a level 400.  It’s really a great searching tool for matching books with kids.

If you don’t know your child’s lexile level, it gives you the more general options of choosing your grade and if you are reading below, at, or above grade level.



  • Association for Library Service to Children: Great Websites for Kids


“Great Websites for Kids” is a site sponsored by the Association for Library Service to Children (a division of the American Library Association/ALA).

You can search for websites that are resources for you, or sites that are for children to use.  It lets you search by subject area as well- math, science, etc.


  • Association for Library Service to Children: Hi-Lo Books for upper Elementary Grades

This is a list of Hi-Lo books for upper elementary grades.  Hi-Lo books are high interest, but lower reading level books.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a book for a struggling reader that is both at their level and written with an older audience in mind.  Often, the lower level books are aimed at much younger children, which usually makes them (at best) uninteresting and (at worst) a little insulting to an older reader.


I hope you find these resources useful.  Let me know if there are any other specific topics or resources you would like links to.


Happy web surfing!!




~Mrs. DeSimone