English Language Arts

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English Language Arts

I am very excited to announce that we will be implementing a new English Language Arts Program entitled Journeys.  Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, this is a complete English Arts Program that integrates Reading Comprehension and Strategies, Targeted Vocabulary and Strategies, Phonics, Fluency, Spelling, Writing, and Grammar.  Each unit includes a theme throughout 5 lessons.  .

Language Arts covers multiple areas.  Included are the following strands with the skills that are related to them.

  • Narrative Reading-Fictional stories
  • Expository Reading-Nonfiction pieces
  • Reading Comprehension-Understanding what is read
  • Reading Skills-Elements of Literature (character, plot, setting, theme), Main Idea, Sequencing, Author's point of view, Following Directions, Making Inferences, Compare and Contrast, Summarizing, Problem and Solution,  Important and Unimportant Information, Drawing Conclusions, Judgments and Decisions
  • Vocabulary-Understanding word meanings
  • Cursive Handwriting
  • Listening-Paying attention and understanding a speaker
  • Word Study-Decoding skills and phonics, prefixes, suffixes, compound words, multiple meaning words, similes, metaphors, using context clues, root words
  • Word Recognition-Knowing the 220 Dolch Sight words, 95 common nouns,  and making progress on the 1,000 High Frequency Words for Mastery by 5th Grade
  • Parts of a Book: Table of Contents, Index, Glossary
  • Research Skills:  Dictionary skills, Using an Encyclopedia, Using a Thesaurus, Using a Search Engine, Using the Library, Using a Resource, Using a Telephone Book, Using a Newspaper, Read Signs, Read Advertisements, Doing an author and title search
  • Fluency-Reading smoothly and with expression where it sounds like "talking"
  • Accuracy-Reading words correctly
  • Genres-Traditional stories such as fairytales, folktales, and fables, Historical Fictional, Realistic Fiction, Mystery,
  • Spelling-Learning letter patterns and spelling words correctly
  • Creative Writing-both stories and informational writing
  • English Grammar-Capitalization, Punctuation, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Forming complete sentences
  • Speaking-Ability to communicate verbally to others
  • Viewing- to challenge, analyze, react, explore, and understand the medium, whether it's a printed page or visual media such as TV programs, movies, etc.

  • Representing-Using and creating charts, tables, graphs, graphic organizers, and maps

Home Writing Assignment

Due: Monday, April 16, 2018


Name _______________________________________ Number _______

You will be writing your opinion to this prompt:

One book that every kid should read is _________________________.


  1. Select a book that you think all kids should read.
  2. Start with an introductory sentence and include the title and author in this sentence.  (You can use one of the examples below, or write your own sentence.)


    • I think all kids should read ____________________ that was written by _______________________.
    • Kids who want to read a really great book should read _______________________ by _________________________.
    • _________________________________ is a book that was written by ________________________ and I think every kid should read it!


  3. Think of 3 or more reasons why kids should read the book that you selected.
  4. Complete the attached planning sheet to help you prepare to write your opinion.  Use transition words when you move from one sentence to the next.  (Refer to the sentence starter page that is attached for help with transitions!  Start each sentence differently.)
  5. Use the information that your wrote on your planning sheet and then write a rough draft in paragraph form.  Be sure to do the following:
    1. Indent your Paragraph
    2. Use Capitalization Rules
    3. Use Punctuation Rules
    4. Use Correct Spelling
    5. Use Complete Sentences
    6. Have an adult proofread your rough draft and help you correct any errors.  (Please have the adult sign your rough draft, too!)
  6. Write a neat and final copy of your opinion paragraph.
  7. Be ready to share your opinion paragraph in class on Monday, April 16, 2018.  (Since you have a full week to complete this assignment, 10 points will be deducted for any late assignments.)  You will need to turn in the following:
  • Planning sheet
  • Rough Draft (Signed by an adult)
  • Final Copy

Planner for Writing an Opinion Piece


Topic: A Book that all Kids Should Read


Book Title: ________________________________




Introductory Sentence: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


3 or more Reasons why kids should read this book:










Concluding sentence: