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Dear Families,

Many thanks for all who attended Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences last week.  If you were unable to attend, I am enclosing your child's report card in this week's Progress Report.  If you would still like to have a conference, please email me and we can schedule a time that works for both of us.

We are now in the third trimester of this school year.  As announced at the beginning of the year, students are no longer able to make corrections on their work to raise their scores.  My hope is that my students will still review their work that I have graded, but there is no need to return graded assignments to me during this trimester.  

This is the last week for Erving's school wide Reading Olympics.  As previously announced, it began on March 1st and runs through March 23rd.  For third graders, students who earn 6 NEW AR points will receiving the bronze level, those who earn 8 NEW AR points will be receiving the silver level award, and those who earn 10 NEW AR points will be receiving the gold level award.  There will also be a special award for the highest achiever in each classroom.  Students are given time to read in school, but also need to be reading at home.  Instead of using our traditional Reading Log during this time frame, students have been given a special Reading Olympics Log to be kept in their binder and filled out as they complete books at home.  They will take their AR tests in school.

We will have a Math Test covering Unit 4 on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.  A test review will be given on Monday, discussed on Tuesday, and collected on Wednesday before the test.  The actual test will be taken online in class.  Scores will be announced on next week's progress report.

We didn't do an ELA Weekly test last Friday, but we will do one this Friday, covering Lesson 21 in our Journeys Reading book.

We are currently working on Chapter 5 in our Meet Michigan book.  This is another long chapter and I will assessing it in parts.  First, we are covering Lessons 1 to 4 and I will be testing this material next week.  The test, itself, will be split into two parts, because there is a lot of information in this section.  I will be testing the vocabulary words on Tuesday, March 27th and I will be testing on the content on Wednesday, March 28th.  The vocabulary test review will be given on Friday and the content review will be given on Monday.  Both test reviews are available online in my classroom website.  Then, we will begin Chapter 5, Lessons 5-7 after spring break.


box tops

Erving will be collecting Box Tops for Education all year long.  Students can bring them into class at anytime.   Thank you for your support! 

My best,

Mrs. J. Butler
3rd Grade Teacher
Erving Elementary School
Woodhaven-Brownstown Schools

(734) 692-2212 Ext. 2314