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3rd Grade Realm

Dear Families,

Beginning this week, students will be taking the Weekly ELA Test online, instead of on paper.  The purpose for this transition is to help the students be accustomed to online assessments before taking the M-Step in the spring, since the M-Step is all online.

Last Thursday, we had two special school wide assemblies.  In the morning, Steve Harpster presented an art assembly and the students had an opportunity to draw a variety of characters.  In the afternoon, we had a Red Wings Assembly that promoted education and dedication.  Both of these events were great! Many thanks to those who arranged these assemblies for our Erving students!

box tops

Erving will be collecting Box Tops for Education all year long.  Students can bring them into class at anytime.   Our next collection date is January 26, 2018. Thank you for your support! 

On Tuesday, January 30th and Wednesday, January 31st, we will be having our annual Science Alive program.  With this program, scientists bring living animals to each classroom for the students to see them, feel them, and learn about them.  Many thanks to our PTO for sponsoring this program, as it is always a favorite one for everyone!

On Saturday, February 3, 2018, students will have the option of participating in a special program called "Kids Against Hunger", where our Woodhaven students can help package meals for those in need.  Please see the enclosed bulletin for more information.

My best,

Mrs. J. Butler
3rd Grade Teacher
Erving Elementary School
Woodhaven-Brownstown Schools

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