Third Grade Science
Our Third Grade Science Curriculum includes Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.    

3rd Grade Science

These are the BIG ideas that we will learn in or 3rd Grade Science Curriculum:

Earth Science



Life Science

• The Earth  has natural resources that are renewable or non-renewable.
• Humans are dependent on and affect their environments in helpful and harmful ways.
• The Earth’s surface changes through slow processes and fast processes.
• Earth materials have useful properties and can enhance the quality of life.

• The position of the observer and object affect the description of motion.
• Forces are pushes and pulls.

 • Gravity is the force that pulls objects to the Earth.

 • Motion is affected by the strength of the force and the mass of the object.
• Light and sound are forms of energy.

• Light and sound can be described by their properties.
• Light travels in a straight path.

• Vibrations produce sound.

• Plant and animal structures have specific functions.
• Plants and animals can be classified by observable characteristics.

• Plants and animals have observable characteristics that allow them to live and survive in their environment. 

What should you do, if you child forgets to bring his/her Science book home?  You can access your child's entire Science text book online! 

Here's how:

Go to:

Click on "Student"

To log in, type WB in capital letters, followed by your child's first and last name.  (Both names are capitalized, too, but there are no spaces.)

Example:  If your child's name is Mary Smith, her log in would be:


The  password for ALL my students is: password

Once you get on the website, in the upper left hand corner is a box that has a goldenrod color frame and arrow keys on each side. The title on this box is "My Books". Click on that and it will bring up another box.

This new box says "Select your book type" and click on the Big Ideas. Then in box 2, click on the book we are currently using.  (Right now, we are working in our Earth Science book.)

This will bring up the entire Science book online.