Third Grade Spelling

For the first 5 weeks of school, all students will be using the following Unit 1 Spelling Words:

Third Grade Spelling-Unit 1

Lesson 1-A Fine, Fine School

Spelling Lesson:  Short Vowel Words

Basic            crop              plan              thing             smell            shut              sticky            spent                      lunch            pumpkin        clock             gift                    class             skip              swing

Review         next              hug

Challenge     hospital         fantastic


Lesson 2-The Trial of Cardigan Jones

Spelling Lesson:  Long vowel words with the  Vowel-Consonant-Silent e pattern

Basic            spoke           mile              save             excuse          cone             invite            cube                       price             erase            ripe               broke            flame            life                rule

Review         these            those

Challenge     surprise        decide

Lesson 3-Destiny's Gift

Spelling Lesson:  Long /ā/ and long /ē/ words

Basic            lay                real               trail               sweet           today           dream           seem

                    tea               treat             afraid            leave            bait               screen          speed          

Review         paint             please

Challenge     yesterday      explain

Lesson 4-Pop's Bridge

Spelling Lesson:  Long /ō/ words

Basic            load              open             told               yellow           soak             shadow         foam

                    follow            glow             sold              window         coach           almost                    throat


Review         cold              most


Challenge     tomorrow      sailboats


Lesson 5-Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Spelling Lesson:  Long /ī/ words

Basic            slight            mild              slight            pie                mind             tie                    pilot

                    might            lie                 tight              blind             fight              die              midnight


Review         find               night


Challenge     silent            frightening

After this first unit, I will analyze student scores and differentiate students into different groups, based on skill levels, as needed.