Third Grade Spelling

Below is a list of our spelling words for this school year.   Each lesson is correlated to the anchor story of the week found in our Reading book.  In addition, each list focuses on a specific letter, sound, or pattern.  Our weekly routine will include:

          Monday         Discussion about the letter, sounds, or patterns

          Tuesday         Word Sort

          Wednesday    Word Families
                                 Pretest including the basic, review, and  
challenge words

          Thursday        Connect Spelling Words to Writing

           Friday            Final Test including the basic, review, and                                                    challenge words

*NOTE-In my class, students who pass the Pretest with 100% accuracy on Monday will still be required to do the word work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but they won't be required to take the final test on Friday.

Third Grade Spelling-Unit 1

Lesson 1-A Fine, Fine School

Spelling Lesson:  Short Vowel Words


crop              plan              thing             smell            shut             sticky
spent            lunch            pumpkin        clock             gift                class             skip              swing

Review         next              hug

Challenge     hospital         fantastic


Lesson 2-The Trial of Cardigan Jones

Spelling Lesson:  Long vowel words with the  Vowel-Consonant-Silent e pattern


spoke           mile              save             excuse          cone             invite            cube
price             erase            ripe               broke           flame            life                rule

Review         these            those

Challenge     surprise        decide


Lesson 3-Destiny's Gift

Spelling Lesson:  Long /ā/ and long /ē/ words


lay          real              trail              sweet           today           dream
tea               treat             afraid           leave            bait               screen    speed          

Review         paint             please

Challenge     yesterday      explain

Lesson 4-Pop's Bridge

Spelling Lesson:  Long /ō/ words


 load              open            told               yellow           soak             shadow
follow            glow             sold              window         coach  almost           throat    

Review         cold              most

Challenge     tomorrow      sailboats


Lesson 5-Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Spelling Lesson:  Long /ī/ words


slight           mild              slight            pie                mind             tie
might            lie                 tight              blind             fight
die              midnight

Review         find               night

Challenge     silent            frightening


Third Grade Spelling-Unit 2

Lesson 6-Bat Loves The Night

Spelling Lesson:  More Short and Long Vowels


math        toast            easy             socks            Friday           stuff
cheese         June             elbow            program        shiny            piles         sticky

Review         each             both

Challenge     comb            holiday


Lesson 7-What Do Illustrators Do?

Spelling Lesson:  Three-Letter Clusters


three            scrap            street            spring           thrill       scream
throw            string            scrape          spray     threw 
strong          scratch

Review         think             they

Challenge     straight         scramble

Lesson 8-The Harvest Birds

Spelling Lesson:  Unexpected Consonant Spellings


itch             wreck           knee             patch            wrap
knot              watch      
knife             stretch          write
knew            knock           match           wrong

Review         know            catch

Challenge     wrinkle          knuckle

Lesson 9-Kamishibai Man

Spelling Lesson:  Vowel Sound in town


clown            round            bow              cloud            power           crown
crowd           sound           count            powder         blouse
frown        pound                 

Review         house           found

Challenge     mountain      coward

Lesson 10-Young Thomas Edison

Spelling Lesson:  Vowel Sound in talk


talk          cross            awful            law               cloth             cost
chalk            also              raw               salt               wall
lawn        always          

Review         soft               small

Challenge     often             strawberry


Third Grade Spelling-Unit 3

Lesson 11-Technology Wins The Game

Spelling Lesson:  Vowel sound in joy


joy                point             voice            join               oil                 coin
spoil             toy                joint              boy               soil
choice          boil                 

Review         come            are

Challenge     poison          destroy


Lesson 12-Tops and Bottoms

Spelling Lesson:  Homophones


hole              whole            its                 it's                hear             here
one               our               hour             their              there
fur                  fir                

Review         road             rode

Challenge     peace           piece


Lesson 13-Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend

Spelling Lesson:  Contractions


I'd                 he's              haven't         doesn't         let's         there's
what's           she's            aren't            hasn't 
couldn't         he'd            they're              

Review         can't             isn't

Challenge     we're            weren't


Lesson 14-Aero and Officer Mike

Spelling Lesson:  Vowel + /r/ sounds


horse            mark             storm           market          acorn
artist             March           
north            barking         stork
thorn            forest            chore           restore            

Review         dark              story

Challenge     partner         fortune

Lesson 15-Ramona Quimby, Age 8

Spelling Lesson:  Vowel + /r/ sound in nurse


nurse            work             shirt              hurt              first               word
curly             dirt               third              worry            turn
stir                firm                  

Review         her               girl

Challenge     perfect          hamburger


Third Grade Spelling-Unit 4

Lesson 16-Judy Moody Saves the World!

Spelling Lesson:  Vowel + /r/ sounds in air and fear


air            wear             chair             stairs            bare             bear
care              pear             pair               share            near
ear           beard                

Review         buy               year

Challenge     earring          compare


Lesson 17-The Albertosaurus Mystery: Philip Currie's Hunt in the Badlands

Spelling Lesson:  Words with /j/ and /s/


age               space           change         jawbone        jacket
giant             pencil         
circle            once             large
dance           jeans            bounce         huge                  

Review         nice              place

Challenge     excited          gigantic

Lesson 18-A Tree is Growing

Spelling Lesson:  Spelling with /k/ and /kw/ sounds


shark            check           queen           circus           flake
crack           second         
squeeze        quart            squeak
quick            coldest          Africa           Mexico                

Review         black            thank

Challenge     correct          question


Lesson 19-Two Bear Cubs

Spelling Lesson:  Vowel Sounds in spoon and wood


mood            wooden         drew             smooth         blue
balloon          true         
crooked        chew            tooth
hooves         cool              food              pooch                 

Review         blew             foot

Challenge     loose            jewel

Lesson 20-Life on the Ice

Spelling Lesson:  Compound Words


birthday        anyone         sometimes         everything      homework
airplane        grandmother      something     without
himself          faraway         sunburned        daylight                  

Review         someone                cannot

Challenge     scorekeeper            everybody

Third Grade Spelling-Unit 5

Lesson 21-Sarah, Plain and Tall

Spelling Lesson:  Words with -ed and -ing


coming          swimming            dropping       tapping         taping
saving           stared           planned        changing
joking           loved  gripped         tasted               

Review         making         stopped

Challenge     freezing        scared


Lesson 22-The Journey:  Stories of Migration

Spelling Lesson:  Changing Final y to i


  cities              cried            puppies         hurried          stories           flies
parties   tried              pennies       fried              carried          babies
  spied  ponies            

Review         pretty            very

Challenge     countries       libraries

 Lesson 23-The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman

Spelling Lesson:  Suffixes -ful, -ly, and -er


 singer           loudly            joyful            teacher         fighter           closely
powerful        farmer          quickly          careful          friendly          speaker
wonderful      truly                

Review         hopeful         safely

Challenge     listener         calmly

Lesson 24-Dog-of-the-Sea-Waves

Spelling Lesson:  Prefixes re-, un-


 unfold           rejoin            untie             reheat           unfair            unclear
repaid           rewrite          unhurt           recheck        unlucky          unwrap
reuse            unsure               

Review         reread          unsafe

Challenge     unbuckle       unknown

 Lesson 25-Mountains: Surviving on Mt. Everest

Spelling Lesson:  Suffixes -less and -ness


 painless          sickness       sadness        helpless        thankless
 kindness   hopeless       darkness       fearless        thickness      
 careless           goodness   spotless        softness             

Review         useful           weakly

Challenge     breathless     eagerness

Third Grade Spelling-Unit 6

Lesson 26-The Foot Race Across America

Spelling Lesson:  Words that have VCCV


 person          helmet          until              carpet           Monday          enjoy
forget           problem        Sunday         garden          order            mistake
umpire          herself                

Review         after             under

Challenge     expect                    wisdom

Lesson 27-The Power of Magnets

Spelling Lesson:  Words with double consonants


 jelly              bottom          pillow            happen         butter           lesson
cherry           sudden         arrow            dollar            hello             rabbit
letter             button                

Review         funny            better

Challenge     stubborn       mirror

Lesson 28-Becoming Anything He Wants to Be

Spelling Lesson:  Words with the spelling patterns ough and augh


 taught           thought         rough            laugh            bought          cough
ought            caught          fought           daughter       tough            through
enough         brought            

Review         was              draw

Challenge     sought          naughty

Lesson 29-A New Team of Heroes

Spelling Lesson:  Words ending with er or le


 apple            river              little              October        ladder           summer
purple           later              November     giggle           uncle            winter
center           double            

Review         flower           people

Challenge     whistle          character

Lesson 30-Saving Buster

Spelling Lesson:  Words beginning with a- or be-


 below            about            belong          around          again            alone
because        above           between        alive             behind          begin
along            before             

Review         away            want

Challenge     awhile           beyond